Using NFTs in digital marketing

The increasing importance that NFTs are gaining has caught the attention of marketers and the advertising world. More and more brands such as Nike or Louis Vuitton have shown a greater interest in these digital collectibles, which open up new unexplored ways for promoting companies.

NFTs can be used to fund new brand initiatives, create totally digital and innovative user experiences, as well as make an event a truly unique experience. Finding ways to leverage this technology trend can offer opportunities to amplify a company’s marketing strategy.

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The strength of NFTs comes from the unique and exclusive nature, possible thanks to the digital certifications that drive collectors to buy crypto works of art. It is precisely on uniqueness and exclusivity that brands can focus to promote their products. For example, in the world of fashion, there are now several brands that offer limited-edition digital collections for sale through tokens.

Let’s look at some practical examples:

· Leveraging traditional collecting by moving it to the digital plane

Companies that sell clothes, shoes and accessories could make a digital collection and offer it on the market, expanding their product range while simultaneously leveraging the passion of traditional collectors without a total “line extension”;

· Unique shopping experience for VIP customers

Companies could also exploit blockchain technology to give truly unique giveaways or gifts to special customers who purchase certain products or reach a spending quota;

· Branded NFTs

Big companies and big brands could decide to realize some special tokens in order to launch an event, or a new product. Imagine, for example, an NFT made specifically for the launch of a brand new Lamborghini, for the new Armani fashion show or even for the Super Bowl final.

Gucci’s NFT campaign

Gucci has already launched in March 2021 its first pair of signature sneakers to be worn only online via the fashion-tech app developed by the Belarusian design studio Wanna. The Virtual 25 sneakers designed by creative director Alessandro Michele do not exist in reality, making them a fully digital accessory. Following this logic, it is easy to imagine how an entire fashion collection can become an exclusive series of unique NFT collectibles, attracting the interest of consumers.

Other than allowing consumers to be part of the NFT experience, these virtual shoes give them the opportunity to purchase an item by their favorite brand, something that some passionate fans often wouldn’t be able to do. Therefore, the lower price appeals not only to luxury shoppers, but also to fans of the brand.

NFTs and influencer marketing

Non-fungible tokens can also be used in influencer marketing, where NFTs become an opportunity for influencers to monetize with exclusive campaigns. Creators could, for example, offer their followers exclusive access to private chats and groups to attend product and content launches. NFTs could then be used as a call-to-action, and their monitoring would offer insights into the performance of marketing campaigns, while creators can monetize through community engagement.

So, in short, what are the main benefits of using NFTs in your marketing strategy? They allow you to:

·Easily check attribution and provenance
· Have a direct access to source and history
· Reduce fraud risks
· Grant copyright protection
· Offer more opportunities and innovative experiences
· Leverage awareness and engagement
· Retain your customers
· Increase the revenue

It will certainly take some creativity and time, but NFTs certainly have the potential to increase the number of shopping opportunities and above all improve the customer experience. The result? A more loyal client, connected to the brand by a bond that crosses the boundaries of the physical world and embraces the digital one.



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