NFTs in the music industry

The NFT revolution has already changed the contemporary art market and now it’s starting to reshape the music industry. Many musicians, particularly in the rap and R&B fields, have already launched themselves into this new form of creation: from A$AP Rocky, who made his first NFT collection available on Nifty Gateway, to The Weekend, who sold some unpublished artwork and songs at auction a couple of days ago for a total of over 2 million dollars.

Image of an NFT coin with headphones.

The blockchain, which actually removes intermediaries, is a new democratic redistribution concept covering all areas. It is innovative, but above all, it is traceable and transparent. Music, the immaterial form of art par excellence, but also any visual or digital object is now getting its unique traceability.
NFTs allow you to identify the uniqueness of a digital work, bringing together art and new technologies, creating “originals” in a world of identical copies. It allows artists to present themselves in new and original ways.

While in the past it took huge economic investments to emerge, today art is not only defined by the music of a song, but also by the power granted to it by the public. Today we are facing a new beginning in terms of digital art, economy, and branding: the cryptoworld.

Let’s now take a closer look at the benefits that NFTs can bring to the music industry.

The first advantage of NFTs is their convenience. Fans only need to create a digital wallet to receive the content and then participate in an auction in order to win.

When fans buy an album, stream a song, purchase merchandise or a concert ticket, only a fraction of the money goes to the artist. Most of it goes to the record company or streaming platform.
NFT transactions, by contrast, are direct transfers between participants. So the artist receives the money, while the fan gets the product.

Artists put various items up for auction. These tokens can be digital as well as physical. Fans are happy to receive these rare experiences and are ready to pay for them.

Finally, NFTs are enabling artists to create new possibilities and new types of experiences for their fans. Musicians continue to be creative with what they offer their fans. As the situation with NFTs develops, it could totally revolutionize the music industry.

Rarecubes aims to be an important player in this revolution, which is why we accompany all artists and musicians (and others) who wish to become part of the NFT world. For us, nothing is more important than copyright, transparency and customer satisfaction.

In other words, Rarecubes is your ideal partner!

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