NFTs as a reward: a solution fit for every business

As you have surely noticed, since the beginning of this year there are some major players in the digital field — NFTs, virtual objects based on blockchain technology. While previously all this was familiar to a very small community of crypto enthusiasts, since this year a much wider audience has embraced the blockchain universe. Although many people think it’s just a bubble ready to burst, suitable only for people willing to invest thousands in it, or believe it’s just another way to shake down fans and customers for money, Rarecubes is firmly convinced otherwise.

Of course, there are people exploiting the NFT phenomenon in inappropriate ways, inflating this so-called bubble, but there is more than just that. If you think about it, you can see that NFTs could be used in almost any kind of industry, without necessarily costing a fortune to the company that decides to invest in it and without necessarily fleecing the consumer, thereby allowing even the less experienced ones to enter the world of NFTs.

An approach where the customer is rewarded by approaching the world of NFTs, without necessarily having to buy one, or at least without having to spend a lot of money on it, is certainly more inviting to your fans and consumers.

To better understand how you can use NFTs in a long-lasting and efficient way in your business, Rarecubes proposes 5 possible use cases:

  • NFTs for hotels

What can NFTs possibly do for hotels, you ask? Well, if you go to Rome and find yourself in a nice hotel or even a gorgeous luxury hotel, you’ll definitely take some pictures or the place’s card as a souvenir to show your friends that you’ve actually been there.

Now, apply these same thoughts to NFTs and imagine receiving a free one for every booking of a certain type of room, and a free night for every 10 NFTs received. This way customers wouldn’t have to pay an additional price to receive an NFT, because it’s simply part of the package!

But what might this NFT be? For example it could depict your room in 3D, or the view of the city you have from your balcony, or perhaps the electronic room ticket with your name and the visit date. The options are endless!

  • NFTs for shops

Surely many of you when going shopping have a loyalty card that provides a discount or collects points to offer you a gift when you reach a certain threshold. What about offering the same service but in the form of an NFT?

If a store relies on blockchain technology, it could keep track of each customer’s point collection even more efficiently and at the same time educate its customers by offering other NFT items from their favorite store to collect, perhaps giving them one when they reach the various expected thresholds.

  • NFTs for restaurants

There have already been cases where restaurants and other players in the food industry have sold virtual dinners, pizzas, drinks and more, but many people have not seen the appeal of this.

Imagine how cool would it be to instead receive an NFT included with the purchase of a certain exclusive dish from a renowned chef? An NFT item would be an unforgettable souvenir of a great dinner! A restaurant might also consider creating a loyalty program, offering an NFT and maybe even a discount every certain number of dinners, for example.

And let’s not forget that menus are also an exciting collector’s item for some…

  • NFTs for museums and galleries

The matter becomes even more interesting when it comes to museums and art galleries, because in this case one could think of creating itineraries that would allow people to receive an NFT badge as a reward once completed.

Another possibility would be to set up treasure hunts with an NFT as a prize, which could also appeal to younger generations, thereby bringing more people closer to the “ antiquated” world of museums.

  • NFTs for sports clubs

There is no doubt that projects such as Top Shot, for example, have been very successful in the NFT world, but it must be said that it is still limited to a small circle of people.

Once again, to engage a wider audience in a more attractive way, one could rely on blockchain technology. In addition to providing greater security by ensuring the authenticity of the tickets purchased, NFTs would be a lasting and indelible memory of the game. This has great value especially for those who collect game tickets, which are often lost or damaged over time.

This type of NFT would also have economic potential, for example if the match represented a significant game.

Rarecubes believes that an approach such as the one shown above is the right path to a more long-term and fair existence of NFTs. Giving fans and customers an NFT as a reward that they have earned in some way is a much more attractive way to introduce people to the blockchain world.

Whatever industry you are a part of, don’t hesitate and jump on this adventure! Our studio is always available and happy to provide you with ideas and advice on the best solution for you.



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