LOSC lands in the NFT world

LOSC x Rarecubes

Rarecubes is excited to announce that the French professional football club LOSC has decided to enter the world of NFTs by relying on our studio to celebrate their fourth Ligue 1 national title of the 2020/2021 season.

The club has a long history, during which it has achieved great goals by accumulating victories, including 3 more Ligue 1 titles, in 1946, 1954 and 2011 respectively.

The drop

To celebrate the 4th French national title in an innovative way, the Dogues will launch a first set of limited edition NFT collectibles: 4 champions’ rings, each dedicated to one of the 4 titles won by LOSC throughout its history. Each ring is unique, inspired by the style of the era to which it belongs.

The result was definitely worth it, as you will be able to see starting from the first days of August on the official website of LOSC, on the page dedicated to the drop and obviously on the marketplace where they will be put on sale, Rarible.

What makes the purchase of one of these 4 rings even more exceptional is that there is also an unforgettable VIP experience included! Each of the 4 lucky buyers who get their hands on a ring will have the following benefits:

In addition, to mark the great success of LOSC during this season, Rarecubes has created 3D digital NFT tickets. The commemorative tickets fully reflect the style of the Dogues while also representing a kind of entrance into this new blockchain-based world.

The creation

Our studio is proud to be the bridge between such a remarkable team as LOSC and the innovative virtual world of NFTs.

Rarecubes has created first-class digital items, also collaborating with famous external designers to honor LOSC’s most recent but also historical achievements.

Rarecubes always wants to offer the best experience to its customers, exceeding all expectations. The rings of champions are rich in details and small particulars that make them precious and unique. If the ring symbolizing the first victory proudly bears the marks of time, the ring of the 2020/2021 season is bright and brand new, embellished with lights, glow and, of course, the colors of LOSC.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and step forward to own a piece of French football history and the Dogues club! As soon as you will lay your eyes on the items involved, you won’t be able to do without them.

Follow the official profile @losc on Rarible to make sure you don’t miss the drop. Try your luck!

And remember…

NFTs are a fresh way to celebrate an event but also to create or strengthen a bond with your fans. The biggest advantage of NFTs is that their authenticity, rarity, ownership and other properties are guaranteed, verified and secured by blockchain technology.

It is important to remember that, unlike many other digital content that is temporarily provided to users, NFTs can really be owned. The owner is free to do whatever he wants with his NFTs, sell it or trade it for other items.



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